ProzacLtd - Back to the roots + Extended 

That project startet as a christmas idea for my family and friends with
two Songs "All I have is a song" and "Simple Man" and got extended
by the songs "Hurt" and "Sweet Home Alabama".

ProzacLtd - UpsideDown

The project I am working at the moment is the ProzacLtd CD - upside down.
It combines different styles of music. The sound differs from song to song, starting with electronic
sounding layers up to hard drums and crunchy guitars mixed with sequenzed Synthies.



Closer - 7 Song Demo (Rehersal-Room-Recording) & other songs

A project some friends and me startet in year 2000, sadly we never found a vocalist which fit
our needs. The band splittet up in 2001 when our drummer moved to austria. I personally think
the band had something special. We did a lot of own created songs mostly carried to the rehersals
by our guitarist. The only recordings we made have beeing recorded during our rehersals and there
we splittet out the 7 song demo. One of our most popular song is Alone in my Prison, a acoustic
instrumental which had been used in the Battlefield 1942 modification - Eve of Destruction.

Guitar + Songwriter: Oliver Janke
Drums: Achim Kotz
Bass: Dennis Finkernagel
Vocals + Lyrics: Daniel Proske




A band I played with for several years. We did some coversongs (rock classics and
heavy metal, but mostly we did self created stuff. I will post some songs and Artwork
in the next days.

Guitar + Songwriter: Stephan Sutter
Guitar: Ralf Züchner
Drums: Achim Kotz
Vocals: Richard Glässner
Bass + Vocals: Dennis Finkernagel



A coverband only. We did rock classics and heavy metal from AC / DC over Jimi Hendrix
to ZZ-Top. Nothing was ever recorded, we did several live performances. It was fun and
a experience for me.

Guitar: Marco Zanetti
Guitar + Vocals: Dennis Finkernagel
Vocals: Eddie & Heidrun Wilson
Drums: Holger ?
Bass: Stephan Sutter


Sold Out

This was our band in school. The lineup changed several times but it had it´s core members.
We mostly did coversongs from Metallica and some classic rock songs.

Band-Lineup (varied):
Guitar: Thomas Ruppel
Guitar + Vocals: Dennis Finkernagel
Guitar: Marco Zanetti
Drums: Sven Kraus
Bass: Thomas de Haas
Vocals: Peter Malek



The first band we formed. We did selfcreated stuff only. Performed several times but
nothing big. If I find the old recording we did with a Tascam 4-Track-Taperecorder I will
add them in the music section.

Guitar, Keys & Drums: Sven Kraus
Guitar + Vocals: Dennis Finkernagel
Vocals: Peter Malek